Just a quick Google search for “Louis Vuitton bag” will reveal thousands of websites, all selling fake Louis Vuitton bags (often along with fake bags from other high-end manufacturers, such as Prada, Gucci and Balenciaga).  The handful of real Louis Vuitton bags on eBay are drowning in a sea of fakes.

What to look for

  1. -One of the reasons why Louis Vuitton is so sought after is the quality.  The finishing and the stitching is perfect.  Take a look at the stitching on your item.  It should be straight and evenly spaced.  The stitches should be the same size.  There shouldn’t be any loose threads and it shouldn’t be crooked.  The color of the thread used should match the color of the bag.

  1. -Louis Vuitton never attaches tags to their bags.  Some sellers will sell bags with tags attached and claim them to be “proof of authenticity” when, in fact, they are exactly the opposite.

- Louis Vuitton items do not ship with “authenticity cards”.  Counterfeit sellers often include a yellow, plastic card, claiming the card to be proof that the item is genuine.  If your item came with such a card, it is not authentic.

  1. -Louis Vuitton do not sell new bags with the handles wrapped in plastic.  If there is plastic wrap on the handles then the bag is fake.

  1. -The dust bag should be of a good quality yellow cotton material, not a flimsy or poorly made thin bag.  It should have “LOUIS VUITTON” printed on the bag in dark brown.  It should be centered, straight and in upper case.  The dust bag should not be transparent.  Inside the dust bag you should find a white tab saying “100% Cotton Made in India” along with a serial number as in this photo -

How to tell if your Louis Vuitton is authentic

What to look for on Louis Vuitton items.  Legit check.  How to spot a fake.

Authenticating Louis Vuitton

- With items made in the monogram pattern, bags such as the Keepall or the Speedy are made from one continuous piece of fabric, resulting in the “LV” being upside-down on one side of the bag.  If there is a seam on the bottom then the bag is not authentic.

  1. -Find the date code in your item.  Find out what your date code means by using the guide here.  Does it match the country given on the heat stamp?  If the date code indicates that the item was made in Spain, and your heat stamp states “Made in France” then you know you have bought a fake.  If the date code indicates that your bag was made in 1996 and it looks like new, it’s a fake.  Many fake makers mistakenly use the product code instead of putting a date code in the item.  If it doesn’t appear to be a valid date code (two letters followed by four numbers), then it’s a fake.

  1. -The date code should be printed in the same color as your heat stamp.  If the heat stamp is printed in metallic silver and the date code is printed in red, you’ll know you have a fake.

  1. -Look at the fonts used on the heat stamp and date code.  The ‘o’ in Louis Vuitton should be circular, not a typical oval ‘o’.

- Compare your item to the photos shown on Louis Vuitton’s website at  Look carefully for any differences, it’s often the small details that the fakers neglect.

- If it is a used item, look at the leather on the handles and tabs.  Over time, the leather will darken to a rich deep honey color.  If you have a bag which is several years old, and the color of the leather parts has not changed, it is probable that your item is fake.

- How much did you pay for the bag?  Louis Vuitton products are expensive but they hold their value very well - even a bag which is several years old can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars on the pre-owned market.  If you just bought a “guaranteed authentic” Louis Vuitton Speedy from the local market for $50 , it’s fake.

- Is it a model that Louis Vuitton actually produce?   Chinese counterfeit makers will often produce items in variations that Louis Vuitton never made, for example Speedy 35 bags in Damier Graphite, claiming them to be authentic, when Louis Vuitton never even produced such a bag.

The only way to be absolutely, one hundred percent positive that you are buying a real Louis Vuitton bag is to purchase it from the official LV website or from an LV store.  this is not to say that bargains cannot be had by shopping around on eBay, craigslist or local small ads but you have to be careful - it is estimated that over 95% of “Louis Vuitton” being carried today is in fact fake.  Hopefully this guide will give you the information you need to make an informed decision as to whether the item is real or fake.  There’s nothing worse than spending a lot of money on something, believing it to be genuine, proudly carrying it around with you, and then having someone tap you on the shoulder to point out that it’s a counterfeit.

- Have a look at the quality of the heat stamps on the bag. They should be perfect, with no missing letters and should be straight.  The R above LOUIS VUITTON should be legible.

Louis Vuitton Multiple Wallet Damier Graphite
Louis Vuitton Dust Bag

How to authenticate Louis Vuitton items

It’s an unfortunate fact that, like anything else that’s desirable and expensive, Louis Vuitton branded items have become an extremely lucrative market for manufacturers of counterfeit goods, almost all of them based in China.  A counterfeit bag that may be made at a cost of a few dollars by sweatshop workers in China can then be sold at a vast profit in the United States or Europe.

Fake importers will often buy these fakes in bulk and then list them on eBay or their own websites claiming them to be authentic while knowing them full well to be fake.

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